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To satisfy all our customer’s needs by supplying them with products and services that consistently conform to their requirements and exceed their expectations by continuous quality improvement and by an everlasting commitment on our part with regards to all environmental and social accountability issues.

The core business of RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. is manufacturing and exporting Knit Garments (T- shirt). RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. Commenced business in 2019, The headquarter is in Dhaka city and currently operates three manufacturing facilities, own Stitching units, knitting and Dyeing units, Auto and Manual Printing, Sublimation print, Computerized Embroidery & sequence unit.

Now we are ongoing to expand RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. which will be recognized as a state-of- the-art manufacturing unit of knit items. RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. is a 100% compliance factory. The factory is working with the internationally known brands.

Some General Information which will help you to work with us

Overall View

  • Restriction on child labors.
  • Highly experienced technicians in all labels. Selection of best Quality yarn.
  • Timely Delivery & Ensure Quality Products.

Short Delivery

  • Possible within 45 Days Time.

Membership with Following Organization

We construct your world from our innovations

Our clients appreciate the beautiful fabrics, which are as soft as summer breeze, figure enhancing and durable at the same time.

Considering this high level of expectation from our valuable clients, RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. has been offering the following:

  • Knitting in all variations
  • High temperature bleaching
  • Computerized color matching
  • Dyeing in all ranges
  • Pedder softening process
  • Tensionless drying
  • Compacting and calendaring with computerized grammage and width control.

What we have to offer you

  • Single Jersey (all variations)
  • Pique and Lacoste
  • Fleece (3 threads, brushed or unbrushed)
  • French and Baby Terry
  • Rib with Spandex
  • Lycra Drop-needle
  • Waffle
  • There are 10 – 15 more varieties

Financial Supporting Organization

Gulshan Branch, Bays Gallaria, 57 Gulshan Avenue (Ground Floor) Dhaka – 1212

880-2-9862466, 88 04470009444



Gulshan Branch, 75 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka – 1212

02-9860332, 02-9860392 – 106