Dyeing Division

The Benefit That Our Dye House Has to Offers:

The principal objective of RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. is to improve textile quality and reduce cost – to be up to date with ever changing fashion and competitive market, To benefit all the textile manufacturer must ensure that they utilize the latest technology – to reduce time and expenditure, but to provide the best quality, which is demanded – employing sophisticated dyeing facilities. RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. has all of these system operating system together, and has the capability to deliver all of these benefit to you.

Dyeing Project Machine01. Sample Winch4 no's
02. A K Dyeing (200-600 Kgs)2 no's
03. Fongs (1000 Kgs)1 no's
04. Fongs (200-600 Kgs)7 no's
05. Soft Setting Calendar1 no's
06. Flat Dryer1 no's
07. Steam Setting Calendar1 no's
08. Squeezer1 no's
09. Air Compressor1 no's
10. Compactor (tube From- Tube Tex)1 no's
Production Capacity10000 kgs Fabrics Per Day

Our Principal Dyeing Process Offers:

  • Very short processing time required for dyeing and bleaching
  • Fabrics display low mechanical friction
  • Automatic analogue color dosing system
  • Coupling system of machines during color & bleaching to have a larger batch
  • Absolute white bleached Fabrics
  • For bleaching the complete processing time is less than 100 minutes and even for darkest colors, the maximum processing time is only 360 minutes, per batch
  • High-Temperature bleaching and Dyeing for cotton and all types of synthetic fabric.

Our Computerized color laboratory offers:

  • Color correction system in dyeing process
  • Memory management system for reproducing of the colors in same tone
  • Integrated with high temperature laboratory dyeing machine to give you the right color sample
  • Accurate color recipe from sample by computerized color matching information system through spectrophotometer.