Get the most from the best finishing line

The ultimate success for producing the knitted fabrics depends on it finishing touch. The most successful finishing process can upgrade the quality and given comfort and softness. The most modern technology has adopted by RIVIERA COMPOSITE INDUSTRIES LTD. to ensure the best finishing touch to its production. The finishing strategy of RIVIERA COMPOSITE COMPANY LTD. guarantees outstanding quality, durability and stability of the fabric.

Dyeing Project Machine01. Sample Winch4 no's
02. A K Dyeing (200-600 Kgs)2 no's
03. Fongs (1000 Kgs)1 no's
04. Fongs (200-600 Kgs)7 no's
05. Soft Setting Calendar1 no's
06. Flat Dryer1 no's
07. Steam Setting Calendar1 no's
08. Squeezer1 no's
09. Air Compressor1 no's
10. Compactor (tube From- Tube Tex)1 no's
Production Capacity10000 kgs Fabrics Per Day